Why Choose Our Nutritional Services?

We believe nutrition is an important aspect of complete health care. Unfortunately, our diet alone does not allow us to receive all the necessary nutrients at adequate quantities. Therefore, supplementation is required to maintain optimal health.

Nutritional counseling allows a better understanding of foods and the individual’s role in preventive nutrition. The nutritional advice is based on the individual’s health background, needs, and how the diet can affect health and well-being. Counseling may even be pursued if the patient wants to feel better, have more energy, look better, lose weight, as well as manage or correct a medical condition. We are dedicated in helping our patients reach their goals.

About the Doctor
Dr. Mina Patel is trained to provide safe, evidence-based dietary advice and management regarding health and disease. She has also obtained a Post Graduate Clinical Nutritionist Certification (CCN), which allowed her to further her knowledge in nutrition. She emphasizes and educates the patient on eating fresh, real, and whole foods instead of relying on quick fixes. After educating patients, they become aware of the healthy choices that allow them to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition for Each Stage of Life
The doctor provides nutritional advice for patients in all stages of life: infants, children, teenagers, adolescents, pre/post-natal, and geriatric. Patients are educated on the importance of healthy eating and new ways to instill nutrition in their daily lifestyle at each stage of their life.

The daily nutrients needed for a healthy life are the values known as the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA).


The Optimal Daily Intake (OPI) takes the biological makeup and the living situation in consideration and the values are personalized and tailored according to the patient’s body, needs, and lifestyle.

Products of Highest Quality & Option of Several Different Nutritional Companies
Our office focuses on providing reputable nutritional products of the highest quality along with consideration of saving time and money. The nutritional companies have been carefully chosen by Dr. Mina Patel ensuring the best products with the most active ingredients. The doctor recommends products from over ten different nutritional companies that she personally uses for nutritional value. The supplements that are not of high standards and commitment to stringent laboratory testing for purity, control, and bioavailability may not be as effective. Our range of nutritional products includes many vegetarian and vegan options. All the products are 100% natural and have minimal to zero side effects. We offer various effective products for specific conditions as well as overall health.

Other Recommendations
For treatment, exercises or chiropractic care can also be recommended to heal faster or to maintain overall health. The proper diet, nutrition, and exercise can create a stress-free daily lifestyle.

Contact Us
Please check our site regularly for sales and discounts on nutritional products. Also, you may contact our office for further nutritional assistance.

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