Additional Nutritional Services We Provide

We have briefly listed some of the additional nutritional services we provide. With a careful approach and a good attitude, we can help you achieve your goals. If you have any questions, please bring them to your first visit. Alternatively, you may call Optimal Healing for further assistance.

Childhood Nutrition

healthy-mealAt Optimal Healing, we believe a healthy lifestyle starts from the very beginning: pregnancy and childhood. We have developed many creative ways, such as coloring pages, puzzles, and games, to educate children of all ages about the importance of nutrition. The doctor can also help the parents implement a healthy diet without a tantrum in return.

In our office, we are able to provide supplements that are specially designed for children. The nutritional supplements are products of the highest quality, just like those for adults. The supplements are also designed to be palate friendly, are fun to eat (such as colorful gummies), and provide vital nutrients.

Studies have shown that well-nourished students obtain higher test scores, maintain a higher level of concentration, have high school attendance due to better health, and have better classroom behavior. Students that are physically healthy sleep better and can better handle the physical and emotional challenges that they encounter during the day.

A major concern for many parents is childhood obesity. Overweight children are more likely to become overweight adults. As part a child’s nutritional plan, parents will be educated on controlling portion size, increasing activity, and implementing a healthy diet in their children’s lives.

Another concern for parents is food allergies and the consumption of allergens. We will educate parents on reading food labels to identify hidden allergens, and will provide resources and information about obtaining the necessary nutrients while avoiding the allergens.

We provide many programs for childhood nutrition and it is vital that parents are educated on a healthy lifestyle for their children. In today’s world, there is an abundance of unhealthy temptations, such as processed foods, fast foods, and quick and easy food. With the right information and guidance, both parents and children can achieve a healthier lifestyle. Please call Optimal Healing and find out how we can assist you!

Supermarket Guidance

A healthy diet can be difficult, especially if the temptations are in hands reach. To avoid such temptations, the right choices need to be made at the supermarket. Putting best ingredients into your cart at the supermarket is the first step to leading a healthy lifestyle. The supermarket has many unhealthy pitfalls that can distract us from the path of a healthy lifestyle.

Often, you may stand in front of a product and not know the difference between the options. We can help you understand that difference between the products and how to carefully choose the healthy options. We believe in educating you on your healthy purchases for you and your family. In addition, we can help guide you through a successful experience at the supermarket. Call Optimal Healing for further assistance!

Organic vs. Non-Organic

spicesWhen reading the prices at the checkout counter, you may wonder if organic purchases are beneficial for my health. Organic farming only uses naturally occurring chemicals to control pests and disease. Therefore, is important to learn how to read and understand if the product is organic.

We can discuss the best options for you and help you decide whether to change to a totally organic diet or to mix conventional and organic foods. If there is a financial concern, we can thoroughly observe your daily eating habits and then determine which organic products are more beneficial for health since chemical exposure is different for each product.

We can also discuss the nutritional benefits, safety aspects, and prices of each organic food.


Kitchen Cleanse

Many places can help assist in a weight loss or a healthy lifestyle regime, such as the gym, doctor’s office, supermarkets, and outdoor activity centers. However, nothing is as effective as your own home since that is where you spend most of your time.

Therefore, start redesigning your kitchen by combing through your pantry, cabinets, freezer, fridges, and drawers, and eliminate anything that disrupts you from achieving your goals.

We will help you discover how to stock your shelves properly to eliminate cravings and binges. If others in the household are not abiding by the dietary changes, we can discuss the options for family nutrition and how to remain unaffected by their dietary lifestyle while continuing your new diet plan.

Reading the Nutrition Facts Labeling System

tomatoThe Nutrition Facts label provides detailed information about the food’s nutrient content. The Food and Drug Administration requires a nutrition fact label on most packaged foods and beverages.

The ability to read and understand the nutrition fact label will help you make healthier choices as you will be able to monitor your nutrient intake and the quality of consumption, and will also allow you to consume a balanced diet.

In addition, reading the nutrition label is especially important when monitoring health or improving health conditions, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, special diet, and high blood pressure, etc. The labels are especially useful when comparing products and determining the healthier options.

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