Ultrasound Therapy

ultrasound-therapyUltrasound is a therapy that utilizes sound waves to treat injuries related to muscles, joints, and soft tissues. This form of ultrasound should not be confused with diagnostic ultrasound, often used for the imaging for internal structures. The ultrasonic waves vibrate the tissues back and forth at the cellular level producing a micro-massage effect.

This effect increases the local circulation, which then increases the supplies the body needs to repair the injured area. These sound waves facilitate the body’s healing process by decreasing scar tissue and adhesion formation in the recent injury. The healing process is also accelerated by stimulating the cells responsible for cellular and tissue repair. The sound waves reduce inflammation by destroying unwanted inflammatory cells and promote healing.

In certain cases, specific settings are used to generate a deep-heating effect on deep tissues. The ultrasound therapy creates heat and vibrations that help relax muscle spasms, decrease inflamed joints, and break up trigger points.

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