Flexion Distraction Technique

chiropractic-manipulationThe flexion-distraction technique, also known as flexion-distraction manipulation, is performed on a specialized table. This technique is non-invasive, effective, and safe in treating lower back pain and stretching the musculature.

Flexion-distraction is especially beneficial for patients with lumbar disc herniation, disc bulge, lumbar stenosis, and lumbar facet syndrome. The decompression aspect of the procedure increases joint motion, decreases pressures, reduces inflammation of the nerve root, and reduces pain and compression in the lumbar joints and discs.

The technique can help move a herniated disc away from the nerve, which then reduces the inflammation of the nerve root, and eventually any associated pain and inflammation that can occur in the leg due to the herniated disc. The procedure decompresses the lumbar joints by creating traction and a gentle stretch.

The patient is placed faced down on the flexion-distraction table, which allows the doctor to isolate the affected area while slightly “flexing” the spine and apply a series of repetitive slow movements without a dynamic thrust. There is no pain associated with this treatment. Flexion-distraction therapy may be combined with other treatments, such as physiotherapy, supplementation, and home treatments.

Also, the doctor will monitor the treatment and advise a change of protocol. If deemed necessary, the doctor will provide a referral for a specialist.

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