Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

electrical-muscle-stimulationElectrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) often referred to as “E-Stim” is a therapy involving low levels of electrical impulses delivered to the injured, painful tissues to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and speed up healing.

The electrode pads are placed on the skin to allow the electrical impulses to ‘criss-cross’ at the area of concern. The impulses stimulate the body to increase circulation and release natural pain relievers, called endorphins. Patients describe EMS therapy to feel like an “electrical massage” or a “tingling sensation”.

EMS therapy is often used to treat affected acute or chronic soft tissue injuries, muscle spasms, trigger points, sprains, strains, pain, or joint irritations on the spine and extremities. During the course of chiropractic care, we will recommend the electrical muscle stimulation therapy to alleviate pain and provide a quick recovery.

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